Spin the House

Every professional-turned-mom comes to the realization at some point that we spend a good portion of our time just keeping the house spinning.  And, from time to time I think –how did I do this when I spent 10+ hours per day away from the house? Then I hear a squeal of our little munchkin, and I remember–oh yeah, we share our time now. Together, we keep the house spinning, and together, we spin the house. A change of scenery for an ever more curious little girl means a change of task for me. Gone are the days of I’ll just … Continue reading Spin the House

Joining the Masses

We know we’re not falling in line.  That you don’t know what we ate for breakfast or what we think of the latest political hot-topic in 120 characters or less.  We’ve dodged and escaped the network and missed out on the ephemeral news and the altogether fantastic, I’m sure.  We’ve sent a quick text from time to time and picked up the phone even less.  We’ve filled your email box by the gig.  Perhaps, we’ve surmised, it’s time for a change.  So, here we are–an attempt at joining the masses, in our own way–D, B & t. Here, you will … Continue reading Joining the Masses