Spin the House

Every professional-turned-mom comes to the realization at some point that we spend a good portion of our time just keeping the house spinning.  And, from time to time I think –how did I do this when I spent 10+ hours per day away from the house? Then I hear a squeal of our little munchkin, and I remember–oh yeah, we share our time now. Together, we keep the house spinning, and together, we spin the house.

A change of scenery for an ever more curious little girl means a change of task for me. Gone are the days of I’ll just sit here until I’m finished and can triumphantly check it off my list. So, we explore the house together. There is plenty to be done, so we move around, from room to room–laundry here, baking there, put away clothes here, read a book there, start a project here. And, of course, sit-on-the-floor-and-play fits just about anywhere.

So the to-do list is not as quickly conquered, but in exchange, ordinary moments have a little more life and light to them.

Waking up to this every morning puts a whole new perspective on “the sunny side of life”. Which we then proceed to sing and smile through together.

And, oh, the ever present and repetitious cycle of clean and dirty clothes. Even laundry has some entertainment value when seen through new eyes, right?

Playing on the floor several weeks ago, all of sudden she decided it was time. Time to get up on her knees. What exhilaration there is in learning a new skill.

Perhaps, just maybe, she’ll like creating in the kitchen as much as her mama does. This is a good start.


7 thoughts on “Spin the House

  1. Oh so great to read and see you guys through this avenue! We have thought of you often and now we get to see you more often. Keep them coming! Much love…David, Angela, Rylee and Reese.


  2. I think T will at least love your creations from the kitchen…she’s alteady enjoying the spatula! Wait till there is cookie or cake batter on it! Love the photos. Thanks for sharing!


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