One of the most fascinating aspects of parenting so far is growth. We all grow. In big ways and small, physically and emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It’s always happening, all around us and within us. But until the past 8 months, I have never been so keenly aware of it. One day she’s a living, breathing blob (a cute one of course!) on the blanket, and the next day–bam!–she’s sitting up and cruising. This month, there has been a¬†metamorphosis. From newborn and latent to creeper and explorer. 2 days after her 7 month birthday, she sat up, and now she … Continue reading 8

Imouto Fusai

Some concepts can be so much more adequately described in words from a language outside of English. It seems, in the realm of English vocabulary and spoken concepts (at least within my realm), there are circumstances in which our words just do not pay justice to the idea. For example, when just having finished a delicious meal with satisfied stomachs and minds, in English, we say, “I’m full.” Full? What does that mean? Full is the level of gas I just pumped or the status of a glass of milk I just poured. Tank, full. Glass, full. After a meal … Continue reading Imouto Fusai