One of the most fascinating aspects of parenting so far is growth. We all grow. In big ways and small, physically and emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It’s always happening, all around us and within us. But until the past 8 months, I have never been so keenly aware of it. One day she’s a living, breathing blob (a cute one of course!) on the blanket, and the next day–bam!–she’s sitting up and cruising. This month, there has been a¬†metamorphosis. From newborn and latent to creeper and explorer. 2 days after her 7 month birthday, she sat up, and now she cannot be contained. From one yoga position to the next, she wiggles and scoots and maneuvers her way around the house. Shuffle through some empty boxes, see what’s on the couch, examine the door stop, hunt for Big Bird in the toy box, disassemble a puzzle, bang some blocks, and taste everything. In the day to day moments, I can miss the change. It’s as if she’s always been as she is now. Then, every so often, I get a glimpse of the past and of the present, how far she has already come in her short, adventurous first 8 months.

May she never cease to explore, test her limits, try again, create, follow her dreams, and…grow.


6 thoughts on “8

  1. I just love her so much! What a sweet girl. I am glad we got to see her in person for a few short hours. Now can the 9 month photo please have one of those cute bows?!!?


  2. Time is such an interesting concept, isn’t it! I heard a quote, “The days are long, but the years (or months) are short.” For me, especially the older I get, the days are short, too. :)

    Love to see T’s progression and how much mommy and daddy are enjoying parenthood…you’re naturals!! See you soon…


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