Post-it Note

This morning I found a Post-it Note. Occasionally, I will find one here and there—taxi phone number, new Japanese word I am trying to memorize, a couple ingredients for the new recipe du jour. Months later, the taxi has been called, the vocabulary word has been either committed to memory or completely forgotten, and the recipe has been either saved as a keeper or discarded as a flop. So, the Post-it Note finds the trash and is forgotten. Today, though, the note hit me with a significance that warrants more than a quick trip to the trash can. Stuck to … Continue reading Post-it Note

blast from the past: 2008

There are some action items that seems to linger on my “to do” list for longer than others. Somehow “do the dishes,” “put the clean clothes away.” and “pay bills” push out “call cousin Marie,” “finish T’s wall hanging,” and “design 2008 photobook”. Well, not this time, not today! Today, I finalized and pressed Confirm Order on a photobook made from our photos taken in 2008. Yes, 3 years ago. And, it feels successful, like today, I really accomplished something. It is something, right, when it’s been on my list since the beginning of 2009, when I’ve made baby steps … Continue reading blast from the past: 2008


There is something about Grandmas and Grandma-types that makes life a little more full and lot more entertaining. A couple weeks ago now, little T got in some good quality Grandma time. 18 days of non-stop attention and more ooo’s and aaah’s than her little smile could respond to. And she, along with her mama and daddy, gave those Grandmas a Japan-adventure to remember. Some days were spent at home, soaking in T-time. Many were spent exploring the local and exotic of our much-loved home. And, since not much arm twisting is needed to persuade Grandmas to babysit, parents and … Continue reading Grandmas