There is something about Grandmas and Grandma-types that makes life a little more full and lot more entertaining. A couple weeks ago now, little T got in some good quality Grandma time. 18 days of non-stop attention and more ooo’s and aaah’s than her little smile could respond to. And she, along with her mama and daddy, gave those Grandmas a Japan-adventure to remember. Some days were spent at home, soaking in T-time. Many were spent exploring the local and exotic of our much-loved home. And, since not much arm twisting is needed to persuade Grandmas to babysit, parents and baby also spent some time apart—enjoyed equally by both parties, I’d say.

And so meet the “Grandmas” in Japan– D’s mom and aunt.

Between (and sometimes inspite of!) naps, we explored Japan, our little quintette.

We walked and climbed stairs and rode trains. We visited nearby parks and city-centers and overnight cities just a day trip away.

The trains…

The stairs…

The travels…

The globe-trotters that we are, we even allowed time for plenty of snuggling and relaxing along the way.

Thanks, Grandma & Grandma Sharon, for visiting…

…little T was overjoyed!


3 thoughts on “Grandmas

  1. Best Bed and Breakfast around!! Five Stars…highly recommend that you try to make the trip…well worth it :) This family is the ultimate hosts! Thanks guys. Chris and I had a great time!


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