blast from the past: 2008

There are some action items that seems to linger on my “to do” list for longer than others. Somehow “do the dishes,” “put the clean clothes away.” and “pay bills” push out “call cousin Marie,” “finish T’s wall hanging,” and “design 2008 photobook”. Well, not this time, not today! Today, I finalized and pressed Confirm Order on a photobook made from our photos taken in 2008. Yes, 3 years ago. And, it feels successful, like today, I really accomplished something. It is something, right, when it’s been on my list since the beginning of 2009, when I’ve made baby steps a long the way, every few months or so? Sort photos one day, and then get back to it a few weeks later. Upload some, wait more, resist the temptation to throw the computer out the window when it “can’t be completed.” Start again a few weeks later. But, then, finally, the fun part arrives.  The creative and contemplative, the design and the story. And, here now, after a few weeks of living in 2008, its reflection is finally here.

So, since I am so thrilled about it, I thought I’d share with you, too. It is entitled “Back Together” in remembrance that we had spent most of 2007 apart and were ready to truly bask in all of our moments together.

You can find it here. Enjoy!

(Oh, and as a fair warning and partial disclaimer, 2008 had 366 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months packed with activities and friends and family…therefore the photobook has 75 pages!)


6 thoughts on “blast from the past: 2008

  1. Loved your book! I had to laugh…I think it’s the first time I’ve seen SPB in jeans! :o) Also, I’d heard about Kasper’s man and of the family in Michigan – and enjoyed putting faces to the names.
    I can tell by the joy in your expression and the love you have for your husband and your family that 2008 was a fabulous year! Now you’ve got me thinking…I need to get going on my pictures! It’s amazing how fast time has flown since Matthew was born…must.get.cracking! :o)
    In the ‘small world’ category, we are now friends with Tara and Dave Malouf – I think you know them from Scottsdale Bible Church?
    My love to all 3 of you. If you’re ever back in the States and head to the NW – please let us know! We’d love to see you!
    Much love,


  2. What a great trip down memory lane. And what a very good year 2008 was. So many wonderful, very full moments shared. Gosh we love you guys. Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to do another show-it in San Diego soon!!!


  3. Is it vain that all I could notice in all of the pictures was how flat my tummy was!?! :)
    What a wonderful album. It may have taken a few years, but it’s off the list now…and doesn’t it feel so good! Love and miss you.


  4. Oh how I love, love it. Life before kiddos. I can’t believe that picture from GG of the tower building experience, I remember that night! Thanks so much for sharing. I must say I teared up a couple of times. It is so good to reminisce, even if the process of getting there takes 3 years! Someday we’ll have albums too…


  5. No wonder it took you so long. Looks like that was one very busy year (kind of like most every other year for you guys, right? :) Great job, and congratulations on your big accomplishment!


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