Merry Christmas from db&t 2011

the Marvel 20 days into the New Year, our lives changed forever. On an otherwise normal Thursday, life went on around us as we raced to the hospital, to end up having our sweet girl delivered right into the arms of her daddy in the hospital parking lot. An exhilarating and fantastic, Hollywood entrance into parenthood. In the days following her birth, we could not help but marvel at the miracle, the gift. the Challenge In February, challenge met us, like a doctoral program for which we had no prior background. We relied on each other, on our faithful family, … Continue reading Merry Christmas from db&t 2011

Just the 3 of Us

As we strive to live out our family mission, we arrange our lives to spend most of our time with other families and other people. We love it. It fills us and enriches us. And, we hope, it adds brightness and hope to the lives of others as well.  Sometimes, though, we can be the best family we can be by being together without others for awhile—as just the 3 of us. This past weekend, we made the opportunity to take a getaway as our little family of three. We have by no means seen all there is to see … Continue reading Just the 3 of Us