Our Living Room Door

Japanese homes have doors. Yes, all houses have doors, but Japanese homes have more doors than we are used to. There are two doors into our bedroom and a door inside the bedroom, between two parts. Sometimes there are doors to the kitchen and between rooms that you would think should just be connected with space. And most unusually, there is always a door between the common living room and the hall. It makes entering the hallway a bit like entering the arctic circle at this time of year, but it comes in quite handy for keeping the heat in … Continue reading Our Living Room Door

She’s One

As much as we prepared and read and sought advice from friends, as much as we prayed and dreamed and hoped, there was nothing that could have prepared us for the excitement, challenge, and pure joy that this past year has brought. One year ago, we were catapulted into our new life –parents to little T. As this January 20 approached, we could not help but be brought back to the weeks and days leading up to her birth, and then of course, to her fantastic entrance into this world. Was she really born into her daddy’s arms from the passenger seat of the … Continue reading She’s One