She’s One

As much as we prepared and read and sought advice from friends, as much as we prayed and dreamed and hoped, there was nothing that could have prepared us for the excitement, challenge, and pure joy that this past year has brought. One year ago, we were catapulted into our new life –parents to little T.

As this January 20 approached, we could not help but be brought back to the weeks and days leading up to her birth, and then of course, to her fantastic entrance into this world. Was she really born into her daddy’s arms from the passenger seat of the car? Yes, she was. And she has continued to captivate us ever since that moment.

Now, at one year old, she is no longer the helpless, squishy baby she was January 20, 2011.  She sits proudly and claps emphatically. She laughs freely and smiles broadly. She explores with intensity and plays with focus. She has opinions and preferences. She communicates with words and signs and zerberts. She buries her face in soft blankets and looks lovingly at her stuffed animals. She waves when she sees you and again when you leave. She reaches for her bed when she’s tired and finds her highchair when she’s hungry. She lights up when her daddy enters the room and extends her arms to her mama. She is discovering the world, one puzzle piece and one kitchen toy at a time.

She continues to live up to the strength and beauty her name represents. And, we are so grateful.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.


2 thoughts on “She’s One

  1. Oh how we miss you guys!! LOVED looking at these pictures and reading about all your adventures! I’ve been meaning to check this out for months. You know me, always running behind. T’s birthday party looked adorable! It should be published in a magazine!! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! Love you all so much!!


  2. Happy birthday, lil T. You sure do bring joyful strength to this crazy world. God bless you and use your strength to bless other.


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