Normal Now

The other day I decided to head out and find a fabric store that I had been told was nearby. And, as I was walking with T in tow, it occurred to me that the formally highly unusual has now become normal. So, thought I would share one of my ‘normal’ outings with you. First of all, this is us: During this season, the day might hold a beautiful clear sky or complete grayness and rain, always cold. When you discover it will likely be wet all day, instead of changing plans, you just add some layers and grab an … Continue reading Normal Now

Pennant Play Day

I cannot help myself. Every party must have a theme. Even a thrown-together-at-the-last-minute gathering takes on a theme of its own by the time I am finished throwing it together. Even when I vow that it will be “simple,” a theme will likely emerge. That is how it went with little T’s one year birthday play day. I thought for sure we would not throw a party. A party for a one year old, really? But then…we did want to recognize her birthday, and we did want to have it be something she would enjoy, and we realized it is … Continue reading Pennant Play Day