Pennant Play Day

I cannot help myself. Every party must have a theme. Even a thrown-together-at-the-last-minute gathering takes on a theme of its own by the time I am finished throwing it together. Even when I vow that it will be “simple,” a theme will likely emerge. That is how it went with little T’s one year birthday play day. I thought for sure we would not throw a party. A party for a one year old, really? But then…we did want to recognize her birthday, and we did want to have it be something she would enjoy, and we realized it is too cold (and will be every year!) to celebrate outdoors, and we figured it would be easiest on T to host at our place instead of some indoor play wonderland…so a last-minute party at our place it was! And…thanks to the Red Stamp invite I chose, a theme quickly developed. Pennant Banners!

It was as simple as they come in my book. (Noted…other books may disagree). A trip to the 100 Yen Shop, and we were all set. Lettered pennant banners made from card stock and ribbon, pennants to line the tables, pennant shaped party favor bags made of felt, pennant banner photo wall, and my favorite—pennant shaped food so the kids could make their own edible pennant banners on a twizzler ribbon. Kid-friendly sandwiches, o-nigiri (sticky rice), cheddar cheese, and tasty, snazzy pennant rice krispie treats. Oh, the theme!

Almost all of T’s friends from the area were able to join her to play the day away. We set up her kitchen and little pop-tent and tunnel (all 1st birthday gifts). The decibel level was high and the creativity flowing. The parents chatted and laughed, wrangled kids and nibbled the best they could. T opened gifts from her buddies, with the help of her daddy. And, to top it all off, we sung a mighty-fine version of happy birthday to a somewhat bewildered little T.

Only moments after the afternoon came to a close and the last friend was on his way, little T fell exhausted into her bed for a long afternoon nap. We took that as a signal that she enjoyed herself and her one-year-old celebration play day. And, of course, she loved the Pennant theme.

If you are interested in more of the cuteness and fun that we captured that day, take a look at the photo book Shutterfly made for us.


One thought on “Pennant Play Day

  1. Love it all. Love that she’s one. Love the pennants, that there’s a 100 yen store (which I’m guessing is like a dollar store), that the food matched the theme, that you held back but made it a “you” kind of event, the banners for the “photo booth, the purple shirt you’re wearing :). As always, thanks ever so much for sharing!


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