Out of the Haze

I have been living within the haze of the first 16 weeks of a 40 week journey. And, I am finally emerging. This spring, we partook in yet another miracle of God’s design and modern science. And, now, we are filled with an anticipation that we could not have known before the first light of parenthood. A different, stronger, even brighter sense of expectation for life and the unique person who is growing and forming and getting ready to be a part of our adventure. This Sweet Baby 2 also brought with his/her sweet self the HAZE. That is the best … Continue reading Out of the Haze


States time, Tuesday, May 29, 2012, I received word from my mom that my grandfather, my dad’s dad, had passed away. He has been struggling for life and in life for the past several years, and on Tuesday, his body finally gave way. Wednesday morning for me, we made the decision to go, to be with the family, to support and show our highest respect to a man whose life touched so much. I would go and leave D and little T home. So, Thursday morning, I left my daily routine, my man, and my little girl to fly half … Continue reading Legacy