Out of the Haze

I have been living within the haze of the first 16 weeks of a 40 week journey. And, I am finally emerging.

This spring, we partook in yet another miracle of God’s design and modern science. And, now, we are filled with an anticipation that we could not have known before the first light of parenthood. A different, stronger, even brighter sense of expectation for life and the unique person who is growing and forming and getting ready to be a part of our adventure. This Sweet Baby 2 also brought with his/her sweet self the HAZE. That is the best that I can describe it to those who have not been there.

My task-oriented, efficient, get-it-all-done-today self has been halted. The most routine tasks locked in the haze, just out of reach. I battled it at first, fighting to do the to-dos, and then, finally I succumbed to my body’s plea. Grace for the moment. I settled into the haze–sleeping and snacking and warding of nausea and sleeping some more. The still hazey spaces between rests were full, though. Filled with the ins and outs of regular life and the excitement of the adventure-filled life we choose to lead. When I force my mind back through the haze, it recalls the memories we made. Some we captured on film and many we did not. So, here you have, images through the haze and the spaces between.

Miracle observed.

Far away friends closer for a time.

Communal living at its best.

Unexpected sister time, inexpressable support.

At home with cousins, sisters, nephews, niece, grandma, mom.

Adventures unique to our home.

Outings with friends.

New foods devoured.

Getting to know grandpa and grandma.

Relishing last Japan moments with good friends.

Celebrating life well-lived amidst family not often seen.

And, as I have hoped upon hoped and prayed upon prayed over the past several weeks, I am coming out of the haze. In fact, I think I am through it. My stomach calmed, my energy returned. And, of course, my to-do list calling.


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