Poor Man’s Hawaii

Our neighbor is a funny guy, self-admitted. His uniqueness is undoubtedly highlighted by the contrast of most men his age here in Japan. He can still don a suit and tie but prefers a Quicksilver t-shirt and Yukata shorts. He laughs largely and gives generously. And, he always has insight and tips for us as we travel around his piece of the world. He calls Guam “poor man Hawaii”. Tropical climate, crystal clear water, with a few less frills and a bit more commercialized culture.  But, from here, there is also a big upside–only a 3 hour plane ride and 1 hour time change. So, when work took D there recently, little T and I decided to tag along.

Turned out that by going with D for work, most of our time spent together was B&t time.  We relished and relaxed and enjoyed the short, tropical trip.

We spent lots of pool time and discovered new exhilaration as T learned she loves water slides. After each slippery decent and plunge into the pool, she came up, signing with a little tap of her fingers together, “more, more.”

Not sure what she will do when she is no longer treated with celebrity status. Also not sure what the girls will do with those photos. Perhaps T has starred in more family vacation photo albums than just those that we create.

Sipping on smoothies was probably a close second to the slip of the slides or the doting of the fans.

D did get to join us in the evenings and enjoy the cooler air and colorful sky.

In the end, we decided that our neighbor’s assessment is accurate. Guam is beautiful, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have visited and experienced a new place. As far as a tropical paradise and vacationing hot-spot goes, we still recommend Hawaii.


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