breakfast and our shift

Sometime last summer we made a shift. It was a shift in the way we think. A shift from the training we always believed was fact and conventional wisdom for all. A shift from a performance-based perspective into a long-term perspective. A shift as central to our traditions and friendships and gatherings and community as almost anything else in our lives. It was a shift in food. Food, in our family, often times (ok, almost always) finds itself at the center of our events. What we eat when we gather with friends, the tastes that touch our tongues as we … Continue reading breakfast and our shift

serious strawberry and smiles

Though our days are largely filled with cultural experiences outside of our norm, there are moments where a piece of our own tradition creeps in. This week, that piece surprised us. This, we thought, is what it means to experience the world through the eyes of a child. Our memories of childhood Halloween are sweet, filled with the excitement of the perfect costume, the biggest candy bag, and the neighborhood house that was giving out “WHOLE Snickers bars!”. Last night, in addition to an adorable costume and perfectly petite candy bag, there was more. It was like we were stepping … Continue reading serious strawberry and smiles