A Month

We have been four for a month now. But really, our four has been more like several dozen. Perhaps even more. Four is the core, but we have not done it on our own. We have had a community of friends and family come around us, from near and far. The near have held us and fed us, cleaned for us and let us rest. The far have donned us with gifts and well-timed messages; they have called and they have prayed.  This month we have experienced that our four is much more. Our four is supported and not floundering. Strong … Continue reading A Month

We’re Four

Our sweet number two sleeps in the moses basket at my feet, while I nibble on chocolate chips and sip cider. Three weeks ago today, he was born. Late night feedings that lead to minutes and hours together lend to sleepy thoughts and grateful prayers. But this moment is perhaps the first one with breath enough to reflect, truly, on the events of his entry into our world, our lives, our family. At 2:45 on Wednesday morning, November 28, after counting 6 swells from within me, I woke my sleeping husband. Now, I told him, was our time. We had … Continue reading We’re Four

Mikan Thanksgiving

As D put it today as he was talking to our little T about the fruit he was peeling, we now “have a much greater appreciation for these little Mikan.” Before, it was just a mandarin orange, a clementine or a cutie. Actually, D swears he never even saw one before we got here. In Japan, they line the shelves of the grocery stores and convenience stores at this time of year. We have been given them as gifts, presented as near sacred nectar. Until Thanksgiving Day though, we could not appreciate the little orange fruit as they do. In … Continue reading Mikan Thanksgiving