A Month

We have been four for a month now. But really, our four has been more like several dozen. Perhaps even more.


Four is the core, but we have not done it on our own. We have had a community of friends and family come around us, from near and far. The near have held us and fed us, cleaned for us and let us rest. The far have donned us with gifts and well-timed messages; they have called and they have prayed.  This month we have experienced that our four is much more. Our four is supported and not floundering. Strong and not fledgling. Our four is comfortable and not overwhelming. Natural and not awkward.

And in a month that is marked with gifts and giving and, it seems like, lots of receiving, we have found ourselves overwhelmed. At times we are overwhelmed by the gifts themselves, with fear that we are missing the true reason for the celebration and remembrance of this season. And at others, when a more Light-like attitude seeps in, we are overwhelmed with gratefulness. We are grateful, so grateful. For the gifts and support. For the reminder that our God is with us and has made every effort to make that truth manifest in our history and in our now.

And, we are reflective and grateful for our family, our four.

For our joy-filled yet oh-so-serious two year old.

AJ & T

For our newborn. Our little guy who is quickly becoming a baby with his own interaction and experience with the world around him.


So, our hearts say thank you. For the month. For the support. For the season. Four our four.


2 thoughts on “A Month

  1. Ahhhh! Such a sweet post. It’s pretty amazing to be held up by community, near and far. You two as parents will do great as a family of four, even when no one is there to hold and clean and let rest. And what a cute little clunkers this kiddo is proving to be! Love to all four of you. -W4


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