A new way to AMRAP

CrossFit Mom took on a whole different meaning last week. Previously, it was merely a way to practice CF while pregnant and ramping up from childbirth. It was a tool to keep at it as my body adjusted to the demands of carrying around two people for 9 months and beyond. It was a place to go to find the perfect modifications for a growing belly. Now, two children later, modification is a way of life. It is a way to get a workout in when solo time is scarce. It can even pose as a morning activity for all…if the dual-kid-mom stars align for those 30 minutes. Last week, as I was squeezing in a 15 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) with two little ones at my feet, I had to stop and reflect. What a different place than I would have ever imagined I would be.

First of all, this is me.

new attire

Still in my pajamas. (Never mind the pedicure from January). Gone are the days of a different t-shirt for every workout because you’re sure that everyone will remember that it was the same one you wore two days ago. Gone are the days of keeping up with the latest workout attire…the only lululemon I own is the one that sits in the produce drawer, ready to be juiced.

The setting is a toy splattered living room, outfitted with an ab mat and iPhone stop watch. The time is tenuously close to being overdue for breakfast.

the gym

My partners are a (most likely sleepy) 3 month old and (perhaps hungry) 2 year old. She is definitely inspirational. Push ups, a hoot. Situps, too easy. Squats, near perfect. Glute bridges, an expert. Lunges, still working on it.

perfect form

Enthusiasm for repetitive movement only lasts so long, however. Like perhaps less than 2 minutes, followed by requests to read books and play with puzzles. In between sets of pushups and situps and squats, instead of my spirited words of “you’ve got this” or “finish strong” from days past, my encouragement is more along the lines of “way to fit Pooh’s head and body together” or “nice tower.”

And then, mid AMRAP, to the rhythm of my breathing, the little one joins in the fun. Before restless wines turn into exhausted cries, I pause the timer. A little consoling and swaying and helping him slip into a (hopefully) peaceful sleep.

pause for sleep

Then, back to the workout. ‘Only a few more minutes,’ I explain to T. A 15 minute AMRAP never seemed so long…to either one of us. I change my timer alert to “Duck” to increase her acceptance and perseverance. In the 2 year old world, waiting for the quack of a duck is just so much more exhilerating than the standard beep.

ducks are more fun

And, the music. I had to laugh mid workout when I realized that I was squatting to the rhythm of acoustic melodies about googly-eyes, centipedes, and trips to grandma’s. No longer pounding it out to the likes of Galvanize or Black Betty. Inspiration will have to come from a little deeper within.

And, it does. My standard for a good workout has had to change a bit. I never thought I would be able to come to terms with that. But (most days) I have. To show my kids and family that health and fitness are important, but they are not everything. To do enough to support the active life that we want to lead, but not have to be the best. Perhaps someday I can lay out flat to the satisfaction of a killer FGB or a Fran PR. But for now, in this stage, the CrossFit Mom is me. In the living room, or on the patio if I am fortunate. Among books and blocks and wooden vegetables. Smiling, hurrying, pausing, breathing, modifying, flexing…all the while staying fit, including the littles, and having fun.

Then, onto breakfast.



6 thoughts on “A new way to AMRAP

  1. My little guy Bradyn also Crossfits with me at home :) You should see his squats and planks….hes determined to get a 6 pack at 5 yrs old ;)
    Love reading your blogs and seeing what you guys are up to!!


  2. Becky, I love this post on so many levels!! I’m still cracking up about trying to motivate tired abs to the tune of speedy centipede. Way to go, workout rockstar mama! I might even be a little bit inspired.


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