Snap and Savor: Day 21

The Snap

Today provided so many worthy moments to snap…escalator warning signs about not getting snagged, a perfect little pocket for a train ticket on the back of each seat, rules of the airport kids play area, and more. But this–our bag and jackets covered with plastic to protect them from the splatter of our table-side grill–this stole the day.


The Savor

We didn’t flinch at the high chairs without straps or ordering asparagus by the spear or receiving a veggie plate filled with cabbage and sprouts, but when they provided us with plastic bags to put over our coats and bag, we could not help but double take and then smile.

To remember the unexpected amusement in our ordinary moments here.

A reminder that being exceptionally considerate (or borderline compulsive) really does get noticed.

[To see what this 70 days of Snap and Savor is all about, see Day 1.]


One thought on “Snap and Savor: Day 21

  1. I love this about Japan and fancy restaurants everywhere. I remember one time in San Diego when the waiter brought me a velvet covered step stool for my purse so it wouldn’t touch the ground. Hope you are having a marvelous trip!


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