Snap and Savor: Day 32

The Snap

Our final visit to the Anpanman Museum.


The Savor

No Japan savoring would be complete without a shout out to Anpanman. The bread head character we have come to know and love.

To remember that today our family looked like all the others—a toddler, a mom, a baby-wearing dad. Her giggles of delight, knowing waves to giant-headed characters, synchronized dance moves to familiar songs.

To remember our last ‘vacation’ day before packing really begins.

A reminder that we DINKs who showed up in Japan three years ago have truly evolved into a (well-assimilated) family of four.

[To see what this 70 days of Snap and Savor is all about, see Day 1.]


2 thoughts on “Snap and Savor: Day 32

  1. Oh Becky, this is a good one! Saying goodbye to this one must be hard. Feels very final. Yesterday, as I thought of how you two arrived in JPN 3 years ago, I had the same thought: what an incredible thing that your life as a family, your normal, is as one in Japan! You did what you set out to do!


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