Snap and Savor: Day 42

The Snap

Final dinner date between two friends. Meaningful words, gifts, and reminiscing shared.


The Savor

This snap holds the essence of my reflections over the past couple days.

A reminder that the sadness touches so deeply because of the finality of our move. We move away from a country we respect and appreciate, from friends we love, and from a home where our family was born. All without plans to return.

And then, moments later, I am reminded just how very grateful I am for this feeling of grief. This deep sadness means we have truly lived and truly loved, as we set out to do.

And so, within the sadness, I say Thank You.

[To see what this 70 days of Snap and Savor is all about, see Day 1.]


2 thoughts on “Snap and Savor: Day 42

  1. I am so honored to be a part of your life experience in Japan. Like you said, I am glad that I feel so sad because this means I have a great memory of you and your family. I brought my clay work home today to finish on my own…


  2. so. well. put. in as little as i can imagine it, my heart is full with yours for the way your family has lived and will now depart from this place you have invested so well, loved well, endured tramatic events, celebrated big and small events, become a family of 4 from a family of 2, and all the while sticking to your resolve to live your family mission and personal committment to The Lord and each other. God go before you into this next leg. and hem you in as you end a significant and full chapter.


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