Snap and Savor: Day 42

The Snap Final dinner date between two friends. Meaningful words, gifts, and reminiscing shared. The Savor This snap holds the essence of my reflections over the past couple days. A reminder that the sadness touches so deeply because of the finality of our move. We move away from a country we respect and appreciate, from friends we love, and from a home where our family was born. All without plans to return. And then, moments later, I am reminded just how very grateful I am for this feeling of grief. This deep sadness means we have truly lived and truly … Continue reading Snap and Savor: Day 42

Snap and Savor: Day 41

The Snap Our stairs. Our friends. The Savor A day when the goodbye has become real. Today we savor so much more than this photo can evoke. To remember our familiar Sunday morning walk with our familiar friends. To remember the sincere prayers and send-off from our church community this morning. And then the full-hearted clinking of glasses as we said one final ‘konpai’ with our neighbors this evening. To remember dinner with neighborhood families, sitting on the floor around low tables, laughing and eating, watching our kids, rocking our babies to sleep in carriers, and sharing memories and “messages” … Continue reading Snap and Savor: Day 41

Snap and Savor: Day 40

The Snap At over $10 a piece, those mangos better be individually wrapped and padded. The Savor So much to snap today in the produce department…9 different types of mushrooms (I counted), individually padded apples, asparagus by the spear, pickled vegetables of every variety, long dirty roots I had never seen before Japan, radishes the size of a loaf of bread. To remember what I learned within the first few weeks of being here—food is important in Japan, and how it is presented is equally, if not more, important. The saying goes, “You taste first with your eyes and then … Continue reading Snap and Savor: Day 40

Snap and Savor: Day 39

The Snap We have been going twice a month for the past year and a half. Today was our last ‘Fruits Basketo’ mom-and-me class. The Savor To remember the blonde head who was just as into the food pieces of the felt “bento” as the other black-headed friends around her. To remember the unexpected threat of welling tears as I watched seven 2-year-olds giggle and wiggle and spin around in the folds of a parachute sheet. The time has been very sweet indeed. To remember sitting as the moms do—on their knees or legs to the side, never cross-legged—and the … Continue reading Snap and Savor: Day 39