Snap and Savor: Day 70

The Snap

Sushi. Japanese style and American style, side by side.


The Savor

Seemed like the most fitting way to close this Snap experiment. A taste of where we came from next to that of where we are.

These 70 Snaps have followed us from the last normal days in Japan, exploring, packing up, saying goodbye, savoring our last moments, and then saying hello, visiting, refamiliarizing, adjusting…to here. A day we signed the lease to our next home. A day we continue to accept to the new norms. A day we are grateful to do the normal and routine.

Perhaps after today, these Snaps taper off or even stop abruptly, or perhaps they continue…as a worthy exercise and a reminder to myself to pause, reflect, and truly savor the snapshots in the day that bring joy, sadness, elation, reflection, or even just pause. Snap.

[To see what this 70 days of Snap and Savor is all about, see Day 1.]


2 thoughts on “Snap and Savor: Day 70

  1. I loved to see the things through your eyes and enjoyed your words. Made me think of how I am living my life and if I am appreciating everything around me that is made by God. Thank you!


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