Just Write

When you are considering buying a new car—that car that you thought was so unique—you begin to see that car all over the road. When you become pregnant—or worse, when your heart desires that you would be—you can’t help but see that more than half of every woman is all of a sudden pregnant around you. The same thing has happened to me with writing. I’m thinking about it and there it is all around me. Just write.
Through multiple channels, the theme is all around me—just write. From the encouragement of friends to “keep doing that”, to the cajoling of my man, to the mandate of business books and the themes of several recent podcasts. Just write. Don’t wait until you have a voice to write, find it as you write. Don’t wait to be inspired, just write. Don’t wait to have it perfect, just write. Don’t wait for the epic, just write. Be real, provide insights to real pain. Don’t allow excuse after excuse to build up…too busy, too tired, too early, too short a time, too sentimental, too stressed, too overwhelmed. Set up a routine, and be disciplined. The creative process is not always airy and open and free. Sometimes it’s rote and scripted and confined. And sometimes that’s where the best work comes from, from the discipline of doing.
write as you are
It is true that the best of my thoughts come out from my fingers. I could never have just spoken what I just wrote, but it came out just as quickly as if I could. There is something about the translation between mind and page that is so much clearer and so much more natural to me than mind to air. And so, I guess, even as I write, it becomes clear. That the themes, the writing in the sky, are not an accident—they are inspiration. They are the push to just write. Even if it’s not good. Even if it never goes anywhere. Even if no one reads it. Just write. Feed my own soul by putting it out there. Connect by offering up the inside of my head from the tips of my fingers.
What do you need to do? What signs have you been seeing? Ignoring? What themes are relentless upon you?

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