Disneyland Adventures and the Ultimate DIY Autograph Book Printable

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there is a perseveration on Disney around our house. After all, we—the parents—are the ones who took T to Disneyland when she was 7 months old and never looked back. She had been to Tokyo Disney, Disneyland and Disney World 12 times before she even had to purchase a ticket. I mean, it’s no annual park holder, but it definitely builds a solid foundation in the worlds of Mickey, Pooh, and every single word of “It’s a Small World.” Favorite pretend-play around our house most often sees the likes of Anna, Elsa, or riding a favorite Ariel ride around the living room (while Daddy sings “Under the Sea” in an equally enthusiastic style).
disneyland castle kids
Recently, we wrapped up the summer with another Disneyland adventure. Hand-in-hand with favorite friends, it was quite the exclamation point to our adjustment to our family of five, together again.
Hand in hand CA adventure


One of the all-time favorite activities in the parks is character sighting. There is nothing quite like that excitement of knowing we’re standing in line (a long, hot line) to meet the real Goofy, the real Minnie, or (gasp!) the real Anna and Elsa.

Pluto signs


olaf signs book

In preparation for the trip, I jumped online to buy a couple autograph books to capture these most favorite moments. We had received our books as gifts in the past, so I was not prepared for the $20 price tag on each book and the limited style options. We already had the Mickey and Friends version, and Princeses…well, there had to be another option!
Real Disney Characters
So, after much exploration and very little delighting ideas out there, I decided the only logical next step was to make my own. In the end, I made 4 custom books, using paper and cardstock I already had on hand, self printing, and $30 on lamination and binding. And they were perfect! (And a late-night Achiever’s dream to boot!)
So, in case you’re interested in doing something similar or know someone who is hankering for the signatures of Disney stars, thought I’d add my little “how-to” on the Ultimate DIY Disneyland Autograph Books, with a downloadable PDF printable of the cover and pages.
So…enjoy and happy creating!
Disney Autograph Book Pin


On white card stock, print the internal pages for your book. I chose 12 pages total, so that created 11 signature pages and 12 photo pages. Written on the PDF printable, you’ll see specific instructions for how to be sure that each spread ends up with a Mickey watermark PHOTO placeholder on the LEFT and a blank autograph page on the RIGHT.
{Download your DIY Disney Autograph Book PDF PRINTABLE Pattern HERE –> DisneyAutographBook_pages_cover_directions }
Autograph Book Pages


On colored card stock, print the front and back cover for your book. You can use what I came up with in the PDF printable or create your own. In the version for our kids, I added their names and some magical touches (ok, it was just their initial on the back, but it seemed magical at 1AM!). If you use my pattern, you can customize it by writing in your kiddo’s name and Disneyland exploration date.
{Download your DIY Disney Autograph Book PDF PRINTABLE Pattern HERE –> DisneyAutographBook_pages_cover_directions }
Autograph Book Covers


The finished product is 5”x5”, so you’ll use your paper cutter to cut 5” from the top and left edges of the printed internal pages. For the cover, follow the printed cut lines and details written on the PDF printable pattern. Final size 5”x5”.
Autograph Book Cut Pages
Autograph Book Cover Cut


When you have a front and back cover and your internal pages cut to 5”x5”, stack them just how you’d like them to be bound (so that when you flip through the book there is a Mickey watermark on the first page and then every left page after that, and a blank white page on the right).
Autograph Book Pages


Take the stacked books to a copy shop (I used FedEx Kinkos…or whatever it is called now) to have the covers laminated (and cut to size) and each book bound with a coil binding. For the lamination and 4 spiral bindings, I spent about $30 (figure this was a $50 savings over the pre-made purchase, plus fun personalization!).
I’d also recommend using scissors to round the corners when it’s all done—we had to stop at a Disneyland kiosk and borrow their scissors to prevent sibling-slicing by the sharp corners.


Put the books into the hands of your own eager crew, find your favorite Disney friends, and see imagination alive!
Here is your DIY Disney Autograph Book PDF Printable Pattern again…  DisneyAutographBook_pages_cover_directions
Disney Autograph Book Pin
I love that the books create a place to capture the images of our time there (let’s be honest, how many other photos have I printed recently…???). I used a coupon for free 4×6 prints and cut them to 4×4 to go the cheap route. You can also have them printed square-sized these days.
Autograph Book Photos
We had a blast choosing pictures and adding our very own captions to tell the story of our days—like “When Pluto held the book over his nose so he could see the pages…I laughed!” or “Elsa and Anna were NOT what I expected!”
Autograph Book Complete
Now we relive our fantastic Disney days over and over.


Let the imagination live on!

friends disney parade

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