Feeding our Peanut Butter Obsession | How to Stir a Jar of Peanut Butter like a Pro!

This past year, we had a lot of people in and out of our house. Staying with us, helping us.
Sometimes it’s only when the norms of two households collide that you realize that things you do as “normal” aren’t quite so.
Our babysitter, for example, had never put butter on a muffin. What?? Really?? Oh, ok, maybe that’s not normal.
My cousins could not quite imagine life without cheese. (Thus made the kids’ year by serving grilled cheese). Oh yeah, I guess grilled peanut butter and tofu is a little strange.
A good friend was baffled by the seaweed that the kids were eating by the pound. It is really that good?? In our house, yes it is.
And then there’s the Peanut Butter. I realized that people despise it. Of course they don’t distain the tasty goodness, but what they avoid at all costs is…the STIRRING.
We are peanut butter connoisseurs at our house. We have very strong preferences—crunchy, natural, separated, salted, glass jar. We can tell the difference and have clear opinions about one brand to the next. I even had to give a half jar away to a friend because it just wasn’t cutting it. We try it on every fruit, veggie, and grain. It makes the perfect add-in to just about anything. Bananas, apples, carrots, oatmeal, rice, and even chili. And of course chocolate chips.
It’s a love. 
It’s actually terribly embarrassing at the store. To keep up on our love affair, we have to buy it by the half dozen. As I’m loading the jars into my cart, I’m coming up with some story to tell the grocer about why I’ve bought so many jars. A party? For a friend? Nope…just for us.
And the stirring…even my athletic, burley brother-in-law lamented over the idea of stirring and changed his snack request when he realized it would take a new jar of natural peanut butter. People all around me avoid buying it, looking for a pre-stirred version of something as good as the natural, separated type. Nope. Not possible.
And that’s when I realized it. I am a master peanut butter stirrer. It’s the only way to sustain our habit. I mean, I guess it must be a hidden talent or something. Maybe there is a competition out there for me.
Yes, maybe we have a problem.
BUT…what it taught me, having these wonderful friends and family folks in our house, is that I have a Peanut Butter Stirring Method that takes the pain away. It takes 40 seconds with no mess. I mean, 40 seconds. Come on, so worth it.
So, here is my strategy for the best way to stir a jar of peanut butter.
Watch this…
As you’re watching or just watched, there are a few key elements that create the efficiency…
  • Use a butter knife. (The type next to your plate when you set the table). Note: Not a spoon.
  • Stick the knife straight down to the bottom of the jar.
  • Start off slowly. Think about pulling the butter from the bottom to the top (not pushing the oil down).
  • As the oil incorporates, pick up speed.
  • **THIS IS KEY** Dip and pull toward you, from the bottom of the jar every time, ROTATING THE JAR with the non-stirring hand with each pull.
  • Repeat until the butter you pull from the bottom is the same consistency as at the top.
  • 40 seconds in, the peanut butter is yours for the taking.
“Why are you laughing?” asked my videographer extrodinaire.
Because it’s hilarious and ridiculous and just plain fun.
So…I hope the next time you stand in the Peanut Butter aisle facing your litany of choices, you do not shy away from the most delicious of sorts. Instead, lean in and opt for the best. Knowing you can stir with the best of them, and it’ll only take you 40 seconds before its being spread by the knife-full onto your favorite fruit.
Or spooned by the mouth-full as the case may be.

3 thoughts on “Feeding our Peanut Butter Obsession | How to Stir a Jar of Peanut Butter like a Pro!

  1. Wow! You are really good at that and make it look easy. Love the part about your BIL. Haha.

    I think I’ll go have some PB now…


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