Moms with Babies

I suppose I never really thought through the fact that I would one day be looking through photos and see myself as ‘mom with baby.’ That image was reserved for my parents and strangers and fully other people–ah, how sweet they look. And now, that’s me. And those other moms in the photos are my friends, my contemporaries–the same ones I’ve grown up with and the ones I’ve laughed with and cried with, ate with and drank with–turns out they’re moms, too. Recently, what a gift it has been to be not just ‘mom with baby’, but among friends as ‘moms with babies’. Fleeting, memorable moments as moms and friends and babies.

My sweet, laid-back-mom sister. The younger now the role model to the older. At 2 months, CJ, Sarah’s second smiley boy, was the same size as T at 6 months. Right now, the distinction between them is obvious, as T crawls and claws all over the latent back-laying CJ. But watch out T, CJ will be wrestling with you soon!

A trio of sorts, first as friends and now as moms. Hillary leading the way–real and raw. Tracy not far behind–genuine and supportive. Both, inspirational. My first friends who are moms of two, navigating the adjustment and adventure of 1+1 little lives to mold and hold. Buddy and the Monkey and the two RD bundles–what sweet, adventurous kids–true reflections of their moms.

How could it be that miles apart, friends since diapers ourselves, the chance arrives to hold each other’s babies once again this year? Every good and perfect gift comes from above, so we say Thanks. Kimberley, my mom friend who laughs well and balances her life-loves so expertly. Together with her little JM who lights up the room, who could be a better mom and baby pair?

Always adventurous, take-it-as-it-comes mom of three boys–mentoring mom extraordinaire and good friend, Melissa. T and T are bound to be the best of friends over these next couple years. Born 1 month apart in the same hospital, together they attract the oohs and aahs of the adoring Japanese public. Kawaii!

And, the most recent mom of them all, meet Mollye. While we thought we were getting stood up for dinner plans that night in September, turns out little SJ decided to join us for the evening as well. She labored long and hard, and now 3.5 weeks into mommyhood, turns out she’s more of a natural than she thought! (And, from time to time, ‘Moms with Babies’ turn into ‘Moms and Dads with Babies’, too).


3 thoughts on “Moms with Babies

  1. Well done, Becky :) This is beautiful…you’re describing the thoughts that most moms think about at one time or another as we raise our families and go through life together. You have an amazing group of special friends and family, and I know you treasure all of them!


  2. I love reading your posts! I’m cracking up though because in the 4th & 5th picture, you’re standing in front of my place! I live in that fourth floor corner until you’re standing on off 11th & Island. Too funny. Best to you and your family. :-)


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